Accounting Distortion Alerts
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We uncover subtle but important changes in SEC filing language, which research indicates predicts future earnings.

Tweaks in subsequent 10-Q and 10-Ks serve as early warning detectors. They also offer new investment ideas. We reveal new and omitted key words with the potential to materially impact future performance. 


New Risk Alerts are designed to detect nuance before it’s priced into markets, plus: 

  • New or changing risk factors  (MD&A)

  • Hints about future problems and performance

  • Clues that reveal industry trends or geographic

See New Risk Alert samples

Disclosure Alert: (AMAT) Applied Materials Tweaks Language in New 10-K, Hints at New Risk

Disclosure Alert: (COUP) Coupa Software Makes 3-Word Tweak to Latest 10-Q Language

New Risk Alerts

  • Important changes in 10-Q & 10-K SEC filing language

  • Early warning detection for new or rising risks

  • Spot new investment ideas instantly