Disclosure Alerts
Actionable insights from SEC filings in near real-time.

We mine SEC filings and footnotes for market moving insights, deliver them directly to you, and position you to trade before new information impacts stock prices.

  • Expect 60-100 alerts each month

  • Emphasis is on large cap, widely owned, highly liquid stocks

  • Includes guidance revisions, SEC investigations, legal settlements, equity offerings, insider stock sales 

  • Frequency of alerts is often heavier premarket, Friday evenings, and after hours

See Disclosure Alert samples

Disclosure Alert: (IBKR) CEO Thomas Peterffy Sells 23.9k Shares, Plans to Sell 9.97 Million More

Disclosure Alerts: Friday Night Filing Dump: $200+ Million Legal Settlements, Material Misstatement Allegations, and COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Issues

Disclosure Alerts


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  • Near real-time SEC filing alerts revealing new risks and opportunities

  • Critical disclosure and footnote analysis

  • Actionable investment ideas before & after market hours

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New Risk Alerts


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  • Important changes in 10-K SEC filing language

  • Early warning detection for new or rising risks

  • Spot new investment ideas instantly



  • 2-3 original, in depth, activist short reports per year

  • Exclusive updates & follow up catalyst reporting

  • Quarterly accounting distortion alerts

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Get market moving data first
Disclosures are analyzed the moment they’re filed. Our goal is to alert subscribers before new information is widely disseminated and reflected in market prices. 

Recent Disclosure Alerts were issued prior to significant movements in share prices like:


  • TSLA announced $5 billion equity offering, shares fall 2.5% following the disclosure

  • LAZR announced deal to supply lidar technology to INTC, shares rise 9% following the disclosure

  • LUV updated passenger traffic and cuts guidance, shares fall 2% following the disclosure

Our disclosure
Disclosure Alerts break news before it appears elsewhere. We strive to make our subscribers the first to know. We’re fast.  

But we’re not perfect. For example, our recent disclosure on an SWK guidance revision was too late to capture a 2.5% move higher. Sorry.