Earnings Quality Alerts
Exposing companies that inflate, distort, or manage earnings.

We uncover the items companies use to distort earnings and mislead investors.

Identify new investing ideas or protect your portfolio by discovering how much money companies are really making. We uncover what analysts and auditors miss or ignore to reveal a more accurate earnings profile.


Earnings Quality Alerts identify unrecognized risks and opportunities by uncovering: 

  • Non-recurring & non-operational items 

  • Items buried in footnotes 

  • Accounting loopholes & gimmicks 

See Earnings Quality Alert samples

Earnings Quality Alert: (CRM) Salesforce Q3 2020 Earnings Distorted by $1.1 Billion Snowflake IPO Gain

Earnings Quality Alert: (SNOW) Snowflake’s (23%) Free Cash Flow Margin Worse Than It Looks

Earnings Quality Alerts


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  • Discover how much companies are really earning

  • Early warning signals detect overstated earnings 

  • Spot new long/short ideas before they're obvious

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New Risk Alerts


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  • Important changes in 10-K SEC filing language

  • Early warning detection for new or rising risks

  • Spot new investment ideas instantly

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Get the truth on earnings
Earnings Quality Alerts offer protection from the creative accounting and invented metrics Wall Street uses to deceive investors. 

Subscribers can expect to receive alerts as earnings reports and 10-Qs are filed.