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Recent Results

June 2021

We published a Report detailing a series of potential disclosure violations, material misstatements, and contract breaches at Romeo Power (RMO). Three months later, the CEO and CFO were replaced and shares had declined 53.97%.

May 2021

We published a Report suggesting Stamps (STMP) would be rerated or acquired for $5-$7 billion. Three months later the company was acquired for $6.6 billion, a 67% premium.

March 2021

We published a New Risk Alert detailing accounting issues at Fastly (FSLY). Three months later the company's CFO resigned and shares had declined 41.9%. 

May 2021

We published a Report detailing PetMed Express' (PETS) ballooning inventory, conflicting disclosures, & Board Directors with a history of accounting scandals.  One month later, the company's CEO was ousted. 

January 2021

We published a New Risk Alert revealing the expiration of a key equipment exclusivity agreement at NuZee's (NUZE), a specialty coffee maker. Six months later, the CFO was out and shares had declined more than 60%.

December 2020

We published a Report revealing the opportunity we saw in T.J Rodgers' SPAC RSVAU. Three months later, when a deal was announced, shares had increased 195.5%.

March 2020

We published a Report exposing discrepancies between XP Inc.'s (XP) internal audits and the financials included in its IPO prospectus. One month later, shares had declined 50% and hit our price target, primarily because of the global pandemic.

January 2020

We published a Report urging investors to short Briggs & Stratton (BGG). Eight months later, the company filed for bankruptcy.

March 2019

We published a Report uncovering why a large asset sale may not be enough to cover a multi-billion dollar legal liability at Ligand Pharmaceutical (LGND). Five months later, shares had declined 17%.

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Three months before news broke that Netflix is looking to enter the gaming market, subscribers were first to know when we published a New Risk Alert suggesting the possibility:


Two weeks before The Wall Street Journal reported on the multi-state probe into several pharmacy benefits managers, subscribers were first to know when we published New Risk Alerts on CVS and Centene:


Two weeks before The Wall Street JournalFinancial Times, and Bloomberg reported VMware (VMW) would pay an $11.5 billion special dividend in connection with its spinoff from Dell, subscribers were first to know:


Six weeks before The Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, and Bloomberg broke news about Netflix's password sharing crackdown, subscribers were warned the company planned to target abusive account sharing.


One month prior to news breaking that investigators are probing the role Tesla's autopilot technology may have played in three crashes, subscribers were warned Tesla is no longer featuring self-driving technology as prominently in its latest annual report.